Animal Motif: His Minecraft skin is a cat and he pretends to

In Westerns, cowboys and outlaws are seen with revolvers. But this is because revolvers were the only repeating handguns at that time in history, not because of any cool factor. That doesn't stop it from being cool, though. One could argue this is where revolvers first picked up their mystique, though Dirty Harry is probably responsible for popularising Magnum loaded revolvers as the Hand Cannon of choice; this has faded a little in recent years, with the first choice for movie hero personal artillery more likely to be a.50AE Desert Eagle, much to the annoyance of gun enthusiasts. The.454 Casull, for example, was the most powerful revolver available to civilians for many years, yet doesn't even have "Magnum" in its name (despite still technically being one to the .45 Long Colt and .45 S calibers). An easy demonstration is that while the revolver is the Hand Cannon to a regular semi auto pistol in most media productions, one shouldn't expect to see a semi auto pistol as the Hand Cannon to a regular revolver.

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Replica Handbags Adorkable: Stampy is very passionate about gaming, best demonstrated by his long discussions with Squid in the Magic Animal Club podcast. He also laughs "like a goon", has a long nose, and wild curly hair. Aesop Amnesia: He pronounces the word 'cocoa' like 'coqua'. In Episode 2 of, Squid proves to him that it's actually pronounced 'coco'. But by Episode 10, he's gone back to calling it 'coqua'. Affectionate Nickname: Is called a variety of nicknames (see only known by their nickname) and also calls Squid Squidoodly or Squidnugget. He also calls the Minecraft mobs 'googlies', while Sqaishey calls them 'meanie beanies'. Animal Motif: His Minecraft skin is a cat and he pretends to be one. He also has a lot of Minecraft dogs. His favorite animal is actually a giraffe. Annoying Laugh: Thinks this about his own laugh, though most of his fans don't mind at all, and some think it makes him more Adorkable. Attention Deficit. Ooh, Shiny! Stampy: "I'm sorry. I know I've been unbelievably distracted this episode." Replica Handbags.

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