Canon Foreigner: Alice Faulkner

This play is responsible for several Holmes tropes that are not found in Conan Doyle. A 1916 feature film starred William Gillette. This version was believed lost for nearly a century, until a copy was found in France in 2014. It was made again in 1922 with John Barrymore in the title role. The 1922 version is probably most notable for its remarkable cast. Roland Young, who made his film debut as Watson, would have a very successful career as a character actor in films like Topper and The Philadelphia Story. William Powell, who became a huge star in The Great Depression, also made his film debut here as Forman the butler. Hedda Hopper, who would later leave acting to become a very famous newspaper gossip columnist, plays one of Moriarty's employees. Louis Wolheim, who became a pretty big star later in the silent era, plays a Mook. And Carol Dempster, who spent most of The Twenties as the girlfriend, protege, and leading lady of D. W. Griffith, appears in the film as the Love Interest, in one of only two films she ever made that weren't directed by Griffith. Batman Gambit: Holmes risks his life to negotiate the purchase of a MacGuffin from the villains, not letting Alice know he knows it's a fake in order to manipulate her into surrendering the real MacGuffin to the Count and Sir Edward, who congratulate Holmes for pulling off this ingenious scheme. Canon Foreigner: Alice Faulkner. Canon Immigrant: Billy, who makes his first appearance as a page in this play, was later used by Conan Doyle in some of his own Holmes plays and eventually in a few of the actual canonical stories. Damsel in Distress: Alice Faulkner needs Sherlock's help. Death Trap: The Gas Chamber at Stepney, personally inspected by Moriarty. Holmes finds it easily escapable. Diabolical Mastermind: Professor Moriarty. Gentleman Snarker: Holmes really outdoes himself in this regard. It Works Better with Bullets: While Moriarty's back is turned, Holmes unloads his revolver so he won't have to worry if Moriarty should suddenly try to use it on him, which he does. Hilarity Ensues. MacGuffin: A packet containing letters, photographs, jewelry etc. that were sent to Alice Faulkner's late sister by a foreign gentleman who seduced and ruined her, and the villains want it out of the picture now that he wants to marry. The name of the gentleman is merely whispered inaudibly, and the sister's name is not revealed either. Named by the Adaptation: Conan Doyle's anonymous pageboy becomes "Billy". Sherlock Scan: Performed by Holmes on Watson, as usual, and before that on "Mr Chetwood.".

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