Cats Are Superior: Peal, the more stereotypical cat, behaves

No Ending: Season 1 fails to resolve much of anything. Aelita only briefly gets to speak with her mother, the gang's attempt to destroy the Cortex is stifled by Tyron simply shutting it off (with the possibility that he can turn it back on once he figures out how to beat their virus), and the gang meanwhile has shut off their own supercomputer to deny XANA its use.

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Hermes Birkin replica Cats Are Mean: Averted with Dazzle, while he can be mischievous and selfish, he's not exactly mean. Cats Are Superior: Peal, the more stereotypical cat, behaves this way toward Dazzle, who behaves more dog/pony/human like. Caught in a Snare: Imperius gets caught in a harness when he goes to check on Peal in Dazzle's room. Hermes Birkin replica

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Replica bags Ironically, at the exact same time, Mustang is actually having tea with Wrath, while the homunculus explains some Back Story and outlines a little of the Evil Plan. Same as Father, Wrath has no interest in killing Mustang since he is a valuable human sacrifice, and pretty much just wants to lay things out on the table so Mustang will get enough answers to placate him for the time being and will also understand just how screwed he is and presumably back off. Which of course doesn't really work. McDowell back to health after she gets the flu. In her cute little cottage full of stuffed animals while her robot maid serves tea. This is immediately after she faints while attempting to attack him. It's somewhat subverted in that she's easily powerful enough to kick his ass, but a combination of Power Limiter and the aforementioned flu keep her from actually doing it. Negi lampshades the absurdity of the situation, saying that he came expecting to fight her and ended up caring for her instead Replica bags.

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