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We've got a lot to learn, but initially we're pretty happy with it. Three fastest times in the PC class all came in the morning session. RSR Racing's No. No more waiting for numerous cycles of the signal to go east or west through the intersection."Motorists say the change not only decreased travel times and increased safety, it also eliminated a lot of stress."I think eliminating that stop light helps everyone's overall commute," Jordan Gucci Ray said. "Not sitting at that light for five to 10 minutes, I believe, helps reduce drivers' frustration and impatience, therefore reducing road rage, excessive speeding and dangerous driving."David Clay said, "I just moved to Newark in September, right off Cherry Valley. That interchange cheap Air max, and its ease of use, played a bigrole in our decision to move here, given my commute to Columbus."A largemajority of thosewho commented on Facebook favored the interchange, but they have some questions or concerns.They asked when the speed limit will be increased from 55 miles per hour, when River Road will be closed,why there are no signs directing motorists to Cherry Valley Road, and why there is no right turn lane from Ohio 16 to Cherry Valley Road."ODOT does not have the ability to raise a speed limit beyond the statutory limits outlined in the revised code," Simpson said.Simpson said no determination has been made aboutaccess to Ohio 16 eastbound from River Road, south of the state route."Changes will be examined during the planning phase of the future project at the (Ohio) 16/37/661 interchange west of River Road," Simpson said.The project will widen the bridge over Ohio 16 to provide turn lanes at ramp intersections andon exit ramps, and other roadway improvements on Ohio 661, adjacent to the interchange.Simpson said green and white signs will be added in the coming months directing Ohio 16 motorists to Newark Granville Road and Cherry Valley Road.Matt Hill, senior project manager at Licking County Area Transportation Study, said he is often asked why it was not possible to put a right turn lanefrom Ohio 16 eastbound toCherry Valley Road..

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