Determinator: Whenever pokecapn gets a game over and he even

He's also the first to notice that the Soleanna Battle music is a Suspiciously Similar Song to a song from Mega Man 2. It takes the remainder of the posse a few minutes of listening to the song before they make the connection. Cluster F Bomb: A lot. Poor pokecapn. There's at least of a literal cluster F bomb, where pokecapn is so frustrated, "Fuck" is the only word he's able to say. Deadpan Snarker: Condit, although he left pretty quickly. Kung Fu Jesus, with emphasis on the deadpan. Despair Event Horizon: You can literally hear them cross it when Kung Fu Jesus begins chanting song lyrics. pokecapn crosses it a bit earlier than that, which is to be expected since he was the one stuck playing the game for most of the run. See 10 Minute Retirement below. When he says that line, there is (for once) no trace of anger in his voice, simply resignation. Determinator: Whenever pokecapn gets a game over and he even thinks about just going to another hedgehog's episode, the other goons loudly shout him down and tell him to continue with the current hedgehog's story. They keep persevering even in the face of That One Level, Sanity Slippage, and near impossible to surmount brick walls like End of the World. Truly, the last video "Rest easy, heroes" is well named. In the last episode, one of them contemplates quitting if they can't finish That One Level in their next two tries.

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