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I still would rather buy Reps and a question

So I wore the Tao $200 ACG 2in1 yesterday, most people who talked about my jacket gave me compliments, but someone asked Cheap Canada Goose me the other day if the things I wear are cheap Canada Goose legit, I'll be quite honest if I get called out, honestly I just own it and tell them I'd rather pay $200 for a close quality version for an overpriced jacket. Techwear is super expensive and honestly I don't feel too bad about purchasing the rep version.I only buy things retail if it's something Canada Goose Online I really canada goose store really like. Like my Common Projects Achilles, a Supreme x NF canada goose uk black friday x Goretex Pullover, and some NMD's are honestly the only thing I canada goose uk shop own that are legit in Canada Goose online terms of Hype stuffReason I own up to it was because I had a friend in college who showed me to this subreddit who boasts his stuff canada goose clearance was legit even though I knew, and he knew his stuff was just Reps. So one canada goose day this guy wore a UNHS Supreme BOGO, and another foreign exchange classmate actually wore the same canada goose coats thing he wore, except Canada Goose Outlet his pair was actually retail and compared his shirt to his and pointed out all the things that made his a rep and he just looked like he saw the Holy Ghost or something and was embarrassed as all hell and I think a week later he dropped out of that class or switched classes, and I think canada goose black friday sale the worst thing about it was that people knew him as the guy who fakes his style.With that said, I still continued to buy Reps since then but just tell everyone if they ask me if it's legit I tell them it's a rep. buy canada goose jacket Someone canada goose uk outlet at work asked me, "you make hella money, why don't you just get it legit" I told him Reps aren't canada goose clearance sale for the poor, it's for the economically savvyand that's why I love this subreddit, I see people from all walks of life expressing the same interest in fashion Canada Goose Parka and I fwy all. SeriouslyIf you can actually take hits Canada Goose Coats On Sale and throw them back, you fit right in and be more welcomed. If the opposite happens, everyone cheap canada goose uk will be polite and courteous but you not exactly welcomed. Like no one will sit with you at buy canada goose jacket cheap lunch type of thing. No one Canada Goose sale will talk to you outside of polite conversation or work. Everyone canadian goose jacket would be on one side of the pantry having coffee and you be on the other, alone, looking through your phone. And yes, there canada goose factory sale are a few who didn pass the "initiation". It was very highschool.Most of us were fresh grads and not too far in age. For some, this was our first job so the pecking uk canada goose order was getting established. After a while, it settled down and the occasional roasts would come out. If I'm talking to someone I don't know tbh I'd rather not confirm or deny it, it really doesn't matter to uk canada goose outlet me what they believe Canada Goose Jackets as canada goose coats on sale long as I know I'm saving money. I never flex on people to start but I am an old school sneakerhead who met/dated some Cantonese girls and learned how much it was all a lie and the materials I were getting weren anywhere near the cost. Now I buy retails and reps regularly and just always stay the course on retail ONLY when the quality is there. Its a joke to put TheLastConspiracy next to half this stuff and realize the leather is shit and the welt is poor/stitching is bad. I even work in the clothing industry and dont care for retail on many things now.

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