Good luck trying to find any dialogue of his that isn’t

In the 2004 Punisher movie, the Punisher strings a man up by his ankles and explains that a blowtorch will kill nerves so quickly that the victim doesn't feel pain so much as a sense of numbness. He then lights his blowtorch behind the victim so he can't see, directs it at a raw piece of meat, and drags a Popsicle along the man's back. The victim almost instantly gives up everything he knows, totally convinced he can smell his flesh burning even as it's numbed by the intense heat. Big Brother Instinct: Mowgli for his wolf siblings in "Darzi's Waterfall Rescue" and "Blood Brothers". Bratty Half Pint: Mowgli can act as one in few episodes. Butt Monkey: Tabaqui. So I started to work as a prostitute." Her life became an abyss of humiliation and suffering, culminating with drug abuse. When she turned 29, Sabrina decided to reach out and ask for help. After spending a long period in a therapeutic community, she managed to create the kind of life she wanted for herself.

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