One night about 10 PM I was laying in bed doing homework and I

Death Seeker: It's strongly implied that this was what motivated Carl to finally go to Paradise Falls, at least at first. After all, with Ellie dead and having no family left to speak of, what better way to go out in style than to do the one thing he was still able to pull off? Even if he knows that it'd likely be a one way trip that could go terribly wrong. Delusions of Eloquence: Alpha tends to do this. One night about 10 PM I was laying in bed doing homework and I heard this tapping/scratching at my window. My father was already asleep and I ran into his room and said, "DAD! Someone is outside tapping on my window!" My dad who thought I was being a hysterical teenager peeked out HIS window and said, "Eh. It was probably a tree branch or something." Nevermind that there was no bush or tree near enough to touch the window.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Call a Hit Point a "Smeerp": Ouch! Points. Chandelier Swing/Vine Swing: The Flynn Effect shtick lets players find something to dramatically swing on virtually anywhere. Chick Magnet/Hello, Nurse!: Any PC with the Valentino Effect causes NPCs who fail a Hard Cool test to fall madly in love. For example, the song is called "Cutey Honey", but the closest it comes to containing the title is when it refers to the character "Honey" by name, and also when it incorporates her transformation phrase ("Honey Flash!"). Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 have theme songs named after their respective shows, but do not contain the actual titles of the shows in their lyrics. Instead, they merely describe what they are talking about.. Worse, even though the government has the power to remove his abilities, they refuse, on the grounds that his powers make him too attractive an asset. This leads to considerable frustration when the Hood becomes the new director of training and expects Trauma to use his powers to keep the trainees in line. Emery Schaub, AKA Butterball, is cursed with literal invincibility. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Hermes Birkin Driven to Suicide: In City of Angels, she chokes herself with a plastic bag because "There Must Be An Angel" is so horrible. Drowning My Sorrows: It's implied that she drinks herself to sleep. And of course there's her way of dealing with The Lorax. During the film's "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue we learn that Squints and Wendy eventually got married and had nine kids. They still happily married in Heading Home. Groin Attack: In Heading Home, Two ton wants to kick Tommy in the balls after he was knocked in the head. Played with more info in that Jinjur's just thought they were; the Emerald City's army wouldn't hit a girl and was less than a match for Dorothy by herself anyway. The Army of Oz. Jinjur's and Glinda's armies are the only ones that actually do what they set out to do Replica Hermes Birkin.

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