She tried to cope with it by becoming as badass and self

The Berserker: Shinji. Do you know all of those times that Unit 01 went berserker? It was Shinji that was really going berserker. Unit 01 merely copied him. Beware the Nice Ones: Shinji is a wimp, but he is really scary when he gets angry or he loses control of himself. Big Brother Is Watching: Gendo is monitored at all times after coming back and getting arrested. Broken Ace: Asuka was the best of all pilots and the one with more hours of training on her belt. As a result of it, her mind was a complete mess before the start of the fic. Broken Bird: Asuka got severely traumatized and abandoned by her parents when she was a child. During the series she got hurt in all possible ways. She tried to cope with it by becoming as badass and self reliant as possible, but it didn't work, and she became a neurotic, unstable wreck instead. Hikari shows signs of PTSD after being nearly raped by one of the mercenaries that kidnapped she, Toji, and Kensuke. Buffy Speak: In chapter 11 Touji thinks that Kensuke is better than him in "all that talky feely stuff". Bully Hunter: Subverted. Toji, Kensuke, Hikari, and later Rei want to teach Asuka a lesson for mistreating Shinji. Too bad that: Asuka had stopped bullying Shinji before they decided going after her (therefore, their actions were late and pointless); Shinji does not want their help and hates their meddling; he hates the infuriating feeling of being treated like a helpless victim; and as far as he is concerned, THEY are bullying Asuka. Bullying a Dragon: Asuka abused and hit Shinji even though she believed that he could kill her easily. Calling the Old Man Out: During an accidental meeting in an elevator Shinji finally calls his father out. When Gendo starts lecturing him about his health, his language or his relationship with Asuka, Shinji says it is none of his business, especially after how he has treated him. When Gendo presses the issue about Asuka, Shinji finally explodes, punches him and tells Gendo will speak about Asuka respectfully, using her name. or else. Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them: Shinji and Asuka developed a co dependent relationship during the series, but the war against the Angels and the Third Impact scarred their minds further. Due to Shinji's actions Asuka abused him constantly and Shinji was torn between blaming himself and resenting her. However, Shinji refused being apart from Asuka, and as soon as Asuka thought that she could lose him or never see him again, she was utterly terrified and mortified. In one scene, Fuyutsuki modifies the sentence:Fuyutsuki: Can't live with them, can't successfully control the Armageddon without them.

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