Speaking of Angua, Discworld werewolves are notably not “human

We are not defined by our diagnoses, whatever they may be, so why do so many people still cringe at the word? When I tell people I am a cancer survivor, I am met with a variety of reactions ranging from the sad face, the head tilt, a look of absolute horror/panic to total hysterics. Often times I find they cannot even bring themselves to speak the word. If they can bear to say the word, they barely speak it above a whisper. Speaking of Angua, Discworld werewolves are notably not "human most of the time". They are always a werewolf. They just happen to be human shaped a lot of the time and wolf shaped at least some of the time. Subverted in Trading Places: when the Dukes take Valentine, the homeless man they're training to be a commodities trader, to a big business dinner with a client, the client asks Valentine his opinion on whether or not he should buy wheat futures. Literally every single person in the restaurant stops what they're doing and stares at Valentine. But he gives a picture perfect answer and impresses the client..

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Replica Handbags McCarthy and Ted are bisexual, there are numerous gay characters, and in all cases their sexuality is considered no more important than their race. Homophobia is present, but it's roughly as accepted as chauvinism was in The '80s not a career ender like casual racism, but considered an annoying character flaw. Notably, McCarthy himself is mildly homophobic, as most of the homosexuals he's met have been. Affectionate Nickname: Nora often calls Nick "Nicky". Nick varies between calling Nora "baby" and "sugar". Once Nicky Jr. By Sequence Breaking (or using the behind the counter trick in Olive Village) and saving up a load of cash you can acquire advanced weapons for Cress long before you'd normally get them (simultaneously offset and built in in PSX release since Gungnir is a great weapon gained by story progression, but in SFC version Gungnir is underwhelming). An early example is the Knight Saber found in Toltus after the attacknote Normally after passing through, you lose all your equipment up to that point permanently and make due with a simple Long Sword. Don't pick up the Saber on your initial investigation and come back later to get one of the better swords until you go to the past Replica Handbags.

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