Surreal Humor: Constantly, an example being the scenes with Mr

The Power of Rock: The Ramones using rock and roll to help take over a high school? It doesn't get much cooler than that. Precision F Strike: "Screw you, Miss Togar, we made it to the concert anyway!" Worth mentioning because it was spoken over the radio. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Riff and Kate, respectively. And they're often color coded as well. Rule of Cool/Rule of Funny Running Gag: The Ramones' music is apparently lethal to mice to the point where they blow up. Shout Out: The film was named after a song from the Ramones' album End of the Century. Also, a poster of the album cover for Road to Ruin is briefly visible on one of the doors in the school itself. Stuff Blowing Up: White mice, and the school itself. Stuffed into a Locker: Happens to a hapless and anonymous freshman in a throwaway gag. Surreal Humor: Constantly, an example being the scenes with Mr. McGree at the concert, flanked by a giant anthropomorphic mouse and a Native American in traditional garb who offers him a pipe. Trash the Set: Mount Carmel High School, where the film was shot, had closed a few years earlier, so they were free to have a giant party and blow the whole place up at the end. Villainous Breakdown: Miss Togar winds up in a straitjacket.

Replica Valentino Handbags Kelson dictated terms to the Mearan Pretender in The King's Justice in one of these. Dhugal (who was related to her by marriage) entered Laas and read the decree to her and her advisors. He was frequently interrupted by questions from Caitrin and Judhael about the fates of their kin in the Mearan army. She refused the request, and he got mad. His advisors raised concerns that the women of the Persian Empire would rebel against their husbands and upset the social order, so they pressured him to divorce her and write a decree stating that the man is the head of the household. He complies, and sends his wife away. A few days later, he feels bad, but since there was no taking back a royal decree in the Persian Empire, there was nothing he could do. In the Back Story the Duke of Rhoona has issued several bizarre decrees, such as ordering that all taxes be paid in beer and that riders must face backwards on their horses. lamp oil, candles and torches) cannot be burned at night and (c) all meat in the town can only be eaten by horses. Replica Valentino Handbags

Hermes Replica Bags Scanlon: Kin selection. Tribal loyalties. Never give the competition an edge. It's basically genetic. Science Marches On: When Watts initially wrote the first book, he based the Psychic Powers in it off of a recent study that showed a very slight ESP like effect in some sensory deprived people; Watts simply extrapolated the effect into the Psychic Powers showed in the novel. However, by the time the later books came out, further studies had overturned the first study, casting doubt on the existence of the effect. Watts himself admitted this in the acknowledgements in the second and third books, but pretty much kept the effect in universe because it was too cool to give up. Sealed Evil in a Can: which was safely trapped at the bottom of the ocean before Lenie Clarke brought it to land. Eventually revealed she wasn't the first vector, there were several before her, but she was the one to succeed in bring it mainland. Shout Out: The bootleg TheraPal software Achilles confesses to as a teenager uses dialogue ("Could you be more specific?") from the confession booths in THX 1138. Tomato in the Mirror: Lenie after finding out that the childhood memories of being raped by her father are fake. Typhoid Mary: Lenie Clarke Unreliable Narrator: In the first book, whenever the narrative is following Gerry's point of view, it's unclear whether "Shadow" is based on Gerry Fischer's memory of a girl who abused him, or she's completely imaginary and represents something else. There's also the subtle implication that his actual abuser may have been one of his parents and he's repressed the memory. Used Future: A lot of the settings in the book are definitely toward the gritty end of the Sliding Scale of Shiny Versus Gritty. Despite the relatively advanced nature of the technology described in the series, most everything seems to be ugly, broken down, dirty, etc. Well Intentioned Extremist: Alice Jovellanos. She believed that guilt was unnecessary and counterproductive to her job as a "lawbreaker", since anything guilt does could be done better by simply thinking about the ethics of your actions in a logical manner. She "frees" Achilles from the Restraining Bolt of GuiltTrip (and his natural sense of guilt) thinking that he will be able to handle it because she believes he is a good person. This, of course, turns out to be horrifically incorrect; she didn't know him anywhere near as well as she thought she did. Woobie, Destroyer o Hermes Replica Bags.

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