The fact that they themselves were once a child never seems to

A Child Hater can be either gender, and often either a glamorous woman with a shallow personality, or a bitter, cantankerous old man. The fact that they themselves were once a child never seems to cross their mind, though, in a few cases, said child hater may have had a difficult childhood filled with trying to deal with other, less than kind children, or may have become embittered by an early adulthood of dealing with kids at their worst. Ironically, for some reason they have a tendency to have a career that involves working with children, such as a camp counselor or a Sadist Teacher. They may be in a job that focuses on children (teacher, host of a children's TV show, toymaker), or as a particular type of Depraved Kids' Show Host. Otherwise, they're likely to become a Cranky Neighbor who confiscates any toy or other plaything of theirs that lands on their property.

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