There is no evidence of any organised push against Turnbull

"The word preparation I wouldn't say at all. We had one basic training session for one hour because of the availability of players. So, no I wouldn't call that preparation," Hart said. "These set of games come at a difficult time. You have players that are almost to the end of their season. And you have a group of players, some of whom have not even started playing yet."

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Replica Stella McCartney bags A column in The Conversation, political journalist Michelle Grattan noted that Cabinet leaks during the Abbott Government reign in 2015 were mostly inspired by those wanting a coup.But she noted: time, the and the aren clear. There is no evidence of any organised push against Turnbull, like there was against Abbott, although leadership speculation has become media grist said the leaks could be driven by general angst around or reflect jostling by various players in uncertain times.But Grattan wondered why Foreign Minister Julie Bishop would support a formal investigation into the leaks, which just highlighted the breakdown in government discipline.Ms Bishop was another minister grilled on the leaks and she has denied having anything to do with ask bluntly, were you the leaker? 7.30 host Leigh Sales asked her on Thursday.Ms Bishop replied: I was not. Replica Stella McCartney bags

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