Till date Biharis are languishing in refugee camps in

In the late 1980's The DCU gave us Vril Dox and Vril Dox II. The story fits this trope to a tee, including setting impossible standards for the clone, and subsequent rebellion. Despite the latest continuity reboot claiming that Vril Dox has been operating entirely through robot proxies for thousands of years (Until Now!), it appears this relationship is still intact.. As a player you're supposed to have that pride that demands you come out and compete properly. That is the whole point behind sport in the first place, that and entertaining. It isn't as if all players aren't competent enough at that level to play the tiki taka, so it must just be that they aren't willing.. As for the Biharis who were estimated at around 1.5 million, their sufferings never truly ended. Till date Biharis are languishing in refugee camps in Bangladesh. They are essentially stateless people as neither Pakistan nor Bangladesh is willing to accept them as citizens.

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