Two shots later, he’s completely fine

Rosner conflates the head of state with the nation. did not "desert" anyone, and it certainly did not desert Egypt. Our alliance is with Egypt. We never allied with Mubarak against the Egyptian people. We never promised to keep Mubarak in power regardless of the will of Egyptians. remains Egypt's closest ally. That alliance is not hostile to Israel, indeed, it was essential to attain Egypt's willingness to enter into the peace accords with Israel which Rosner and Ben Eliezer agree is the most favorable event for Israel in over 30 years. taxpayers have provided tens of billions of dollars in aid to Egypt and Israel as part of our broader agreements to support the Camp David accords. Even in the Great Recession the American people have continued this aid without complaint. will cease its aid to Egypt. Rosner is even more disingenuous in his claims that Israelis are worried that because we have not urged Mubarak to respond to the protestors with terror, Israel may be "next in line for the boot."

X Ray and Vav contains examples of the following: Adaptational Villainy: The Corpirate in "Let's Play WWE '13" was just a silly character Geoff made up, and was more a standard Wrestling Heel than outright evil. In the show, he's turned into The Kingpin with a plan to brainwash everyone in town. A Date with Rosie Palms: In the the second episode Hilda is able to turn the heroes' underwear into bottomless pockets. X Ray spends some time fumbling around and Hilda thinks he's trying to find a grappling hook. he's not. X Ray uses hand lotion, but only on one hand. Added Alliterative Appeal: Vav's "Ballistic British Barrage." Air Vent Passageway: X Ray, Vav, and Hilda crawl through them to sneak through Monarch Laboratories. Hilda falls through the panels at one point and gets captured. Amusing Injuries: Hilda's ray gun turns X Ray into a pile of ashes with eyes and a mouth, who snarks about the third degree burns. Two shots later, he's completely fine. And I Must Scream: If victims of Vav's slow mo hands also feel everything in slow motion, the Corpirate suffers this; Vav accidentally puts him into slow motion when he pushes him off the building, leaving him to very slowly fall to his death. The Stinger of "Reign Down" is the Corpirate finally landing, his henchman having provided a mattress to catch his fall. It's unknown if the Corpirate is still in slow motion or not. Attack Drone: ORF is much more combat capable than she first appears after being upgraded. Attention Whore: The reason X Ray wants to stop Mogar is because he keeps stealing the spotlight from him. Atrocious Alias: Hilda comments that X Ray and Vav's names sound stupid, shocking them because they thought they sounded cool. Also, The Winer? Really? Awesome Moment of Crowning: Done when Mogar breaks The Mad King out of the asylum, and The Mad King summons the crown to him (through a wall) and places it back on his head. Ax Crazy: The Mad King, of course. I'm going to tear off your arms and use them to applaud your demise.

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