What will be a delegate gold mine for Romney

John Presley was never the mayor. He was chief of police and yes he was a jailer in Welch. He was one of the mayor's bestsupporters until the mayor had to make his grand son move the jeep he was driving out of the children's playground! The boy got angry and broke out the mayor's windows and her husbands car windows. The mayors husband got a warrent for him and he pled quilty. JP got angry as the mayor as many seem to do when she is trying to uphold the law and make things better. JP's comment was, "well when I was a cop they were drinking in the park and no one cared". Now we have someone who cares! But yes he seems to be an ok guy unless you make him mad. pretty hypocritical to me! but then again that's no surpise, there are so many in this town that are hypocrits and back biters abd they are the ones that seem to get along so well with her. wonder why????

replica goyard handbags To my mind, the most interesting state of the night regarding this question is Virginia. What will be a delegate gold mine for Romney, might actually show his weakness. Because only he and Ron Paul were on the ballot, the state was largely ignored by everyone, yet Paul got 40 percent of the vote dramatically out performing how he did in other states. What this means (unless Paul has a huge following in Virginia) is that tens of thousands of Republicans showed up to vote against Romney. Those voters candidates were not on the ballot http://conicellicredit.com/although-one-of-them-must-have-a-connection-to-gloucester/, they had no chance of winning and yet they still went to the polls to cast a vote that was, in effect, a Not Romney vote. While I believe that party faithful generally do come around and support their nominee, it does give me pause to think about how much a person must dislike a candidate to go out and vote for someone else who they probably know will not win. replica goyard handbags

Replica Handbags "He tells it like is," they like to say, especially when he talks about how bad trade deals have resulted in the loss of millions of good American jobs. Mr. Trump connects with this hurting population of working class and lower middle class Americans. Trump owes much of his success to the ubiquity of celebrity culture in America. Our society worships at the temples, among many others, of Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Mr. Trump understands the allure of celebrity in contemporary culture and knows how to put on a show his political rallies are organized to manipulate the myth of celebrity to create messages that extend his political reach. In contemporary American society you cannot underestimate the political power of celebrity culture. Private is good. Public is bad. These days many public officials believe that you can apply business models to solve any and all social problems poverty, heath disparities, and unemployment. In America business models are now used to shape both private and public higher education. From my vantage as a educator in the classroom, these models do not fit higher education. As a consequence they are eroding the intellectual quality of university life, transforming our institutions into trade schools that process people rather than train young minds for critical thought. For his part, Mr. Trump describes himself as the ultimate business success he is rich, lives rich, and has investments all over the world. He knows how to make deals. He knows how to get things done. He is competent and says our elected public officials are incompetent. He says he will make America great again Replica Handbags.

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